24 July 2008
In the vein of our friend Louis Gray, my list of the top 3 up-and-coming bloggers

Well, I guess a list isn’t much of a list when there’s only 3 things on it. That’s more of a bunch, I suppose, or a smattering, at best, hehe. But we love lists, and this is the first of what I hope will become a semi-regular ode to Louis’ own posts about the most important tech bloggers that you don’t know that you don’t know.

As a PR person I spend my days reading articles and blog posts at a torrid pace, and in so doing, also paying close attention to spheres of influence, attention and engagement, etc. The following three individuals, no matter which piece of bloggy jargon you might use to describe it, are turning heads, and not just mine.

#1 — Steve Spalding. Steve has been at it for a long time now, and I first noticed him because he was one of the most eloquent bloggers paying attention to the Semantic Web back in late 2006 when we started working with Twine and preaching the good word. Steve has been getting much more popular of late, and although I imagine that his personal blog is getting a darn good amount of traffic, he is focused on quality over quantity and as such it is likely only a matter of time before his writing starts showing up elsewhere. In a lot of ways he makes me think of a hyper-social version of Nick Carr — a deep thinker who still manages to point out along the way what should have been obvious to the rest of us.

#2 — Omar Gallaga. I heard it again today in coversation with colleagues (both Austinites and out-of-towners) for the umpteenth time — Omar, although he has had a few bits of national attention, is quite possibly the most underrated tech writer in the country right now. He is absolutely, 100% a top-tier tech journalist, and although the Austin-American Statesman is lucky to have him, Omar is going to be the next David Pogue or Walt Mossberg, just you wait and see. My bet is that he’ll be snatched away to more prestigious environs before the year is out — and it will be a huge loss for Austin.

#3 — Aaron Uhrmacher. Aaron is a personal friend, so it’s not exactly fair to call him out here, but he has been lighting it up recently on Mashable, and if you are a PR or marketing peep, his personal blog is a must-read. A heavyweight digitital media savant from Text 100, Aaron also has his hands in more than a few pots, and it is safe to say that we are going to continue to see some impressive things coming at us from his general direction.

Other suggestions?  Let’s hear ‘em!

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