2 April 2008

Today, TC announced the dates of the TC50 conference, which overlap with the dates already announced for DEMOFall. Disclosure: PN is a sponsor of the DEMO conferences. That being said, there will be 2X the already monsterous # of startups, all launching at the same time. From a PR point of view, good lord it is going to be easy to drown in that amount of noise, no matter how cool your stuff is. And for journalists and bloggers, there is now twice the amount of content to cover in the same period. To both parties: it’s all about the entrepreneurs and the companies, and using them as ammo in an ever-escalating battle of the launchpad conferences isn’t going to benefit anyone. I bet that Tim O’Reilly and John Batelle are really happy right now, hehe.

I went to both TC40 and DEMO last year, and both had their ups and downs. But this in’t isn’t about who is better, it’s about launching 120-220 companies in the span of 5 days. There’s only so many blog posts to go around, people. Honestly at this point my counsel to our stealth-mode clients will be to avoid the week of September 7th altogether. Increasingly, we do better with stand-alone launches anyway, and it avoids the politics.

UPDATE: I posted a few more thoughts over on Jeremy Toeman’s blog.

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